Amelia Bowen

Amelia has held roles in fundraising and grants management since 2015 with an emphasis in education, arts and culture, and disability advocacy. She currently works remotely from her home in Ohio where she has represented nonprofits in Illinois, New York, Missouri, Minnesota, and Nebraska. Her favorite part of the grant development process is bringing together research and organizational data to develop need statements and theories of change. Amelia earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas.



With VGA Since: January 2022

What titles would your coworkers give you?  List Maker. Research Addict. Word Count Warrior.

Three words that describe you: Sincere. Thorough. Thoughtful.

Guilty Pleasure: Food – cheese or ice cream. Music – I’ll always have an inner tween who loves boy bands.

If I weren’t so good at my job, I would be… On a speaking circuit

Favorite Quote: “And for all this, nature is never spent / There lives the dearest freshness deep down things” – Gerald Manley Hopkins

Favorite Happy Hour Drink: French 75