VGA’s help was instrumental in securing the funding needed to establish a wayfinding system in downtown Omaha. It was a pleasure working with Vic and his team.” – Joe Gudenrath, Former Executive Director of the Downtown Improvement District

Downtown Omaha, Inc. Foundation/Wayfinding


Installing pedestrian and vehicular signage to enhance visitors’ experience in downtown Omaha by directing them to key destinations and to make Omaha a more appealing host city to convention and event planners


Partnering with the City of Omaha and three advocacy groups to raise funds and create the Wayfinding system


Meeting the fundraising goal in a timely manner and installing the Wayfinding system in 2013

WayFinding-Content-Image2VGA formulated and executed the fundraising plan for the Downtown Omaha Wayfinding system, a joint project of the Downtown Omaha Inc. Foundation, the Omaha Downtown Improvement District, the City of Omaha and the Omaha Convention and Visitors’ Bureau.

The Wayfinding system, installed in 2013, includes pedestrian signage with corresponding map panels and vehicular signage with public parking identifiers. Vehicular routes direct traffic around downtown Omaha efficiently and pedestrian routes direct foot traffic to key destinations and open spaces downtown. The system enhances visitors’ experience downtown and appeals to convention and event planners considering Omaha as a site. VGA identified local funders whose funding priorities included economic development and civic betterment and planned and executed a fund drive that met its goal of more than $870,000.