Meet Our Team

Vic Gutman President

Roxanne Nielsen Assistant to the President

Elizabeth Bal√°zs-Foxall Vice President, Event Division

Mary Hubl Vice President, Nonprofit Services

Heidi Walz Project Manager

Lisa Winton Marketing & Development Specialist

April Koske, GPC Grant Writer

Heidi Avalon Independent Business Manager

Kara Schweiss Independent Writer/Editor

Kylie Feilmeier Event Project Manager

Kristen Beck Event Project Manager

Christine Dunn Event Project Coordinator

Laura Paulsen Marketing & Development Specialist

Jessica Linhart Nonprofit Services Associate

Mike Faust Development and Creative Consultant

Luanne Mainelli Nelson Communications Consultant

Arianna Cabrera Intern

Marley Mae Dunn Office Dog/Support Staff

E Creative

Esther Mejia Founder & Creative Director

Annette Romano Graphic Designer

Kate Revollo Project Coordinator