Event Management


As the region’s premier event management company, VGA’s professional staff develops and presents successful special events that leave a lasting positive impression. 

We have managed hundreds of private and public events of all types and sizes, from full-scale community events to exclusive fundraising events. No challenge is too great for our experienced and dedicated staff!

• Design a one-of-a-kind event that fits the theme, occasion, and goal of the project
• Plan the right mix of activities, entertainment, vendors, and other elements
• Provide an array of recommendations to define and enhance each event with unique and appealing options

• Plan a variety of distinct events with a wide range of logistical and facilities requirements
• Coordinate logistics with facility vendors before, during, and after an event
• Meet each event’s facility needs without disrupting the event’s carefully crafted atmosphere and ambience

• Provide expert management services including, but not limited to, budget development, site layout, and volunteer recruitment/training
• Provide post-event services such as debriefings, interviews, surveys, and detailed reports with thorough documentation and analysis that includes suggestions for future modifications and improvements

• Work through the entire process of securing support for your event, from identifying potential funders to preparing customized proposals
• Manage fulfillment and foster ongoing relationships with sponsors and donors to maximize the potential for long-term support

• Offer comprehensive marketing services to generate widespread awareness and coverage
• Provide services like customized strategic planning and research, media relations, graphic design management, media sponsorship recruitment, advertising placement, social media strategies, and reporting

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