Rock & Soul Forever Foundation


Helping Rock & Soul Forever Foundation develop organizational best-practice policies and structure; raising critical operating funds; increasing awareness of the organization and its mission.


Mentoring executive staff; creating/updating internal best-practice policies and procedures; managing board development; advising on in-depth evaluation process; participating in organization-wide strategic planning process; assisting with re-branding; developing comprehensive donor communication plan; submitting customized funding proposals.

Launched by Little Steven Van Zandt and the Founders Board of Bono, Jackson Browne, Martin Scorsese, and Bruce Springsteen, The Rock & Soul Forever Foundation’s TeachRock curriculum is a standards-aligned, arts integration curriculum that uses the history of popular music and culture to help teachers engage students.

Since 2020, VGA has worked closely with RSFF to standardize its financial reporting in preparation to pursue grant applications. VGA has mentored the RSFF management staff, helping RSFF revise its bylaws, restructure its board, and implement nonprofit best-practice policies to help stabilize and solidify the organization for the future. VGA’s guidance and leadership on infrastructure improvements, combined with the RSFF staff’s hard work and enthusiasm, resulted in RSFF navigating the COVID pandemic positively and ending each of the recent years with increased teacher/student engagement and a budget surplus. 

In addition, VGA created a comprehensive donor communication plan to assure that RSFF supporters remain engaged with the foundation and its mission. 

VGA continues to mentor RSFF executive and financial services staff members, as well as provide fundraising advice and expertise to ensure its future success. VGA is also assisting with an organization-wide strategic planning process and re-branding campaign.

“VGA’s secret sauce is respect for their clients – they didn’t come in as outsiders to make us look like them, they joined our team to help us be our best selves, and it’s working.”
Bill Carbone, Executive Director Rock & Soul Forever Foundation